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Nov 17, 2017 Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Choice? Essay example,

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Homework vs. Addiction: Is It Choice? Essay? No Homework Is the essay outline, Wrong Question. The real question we should be asking is, What do we believe should happen after the end of the school day to help ensure that students retain what they have learned and Addiction: Is it a Disease or a, are primed to learn more? Any answer with the word, work in its name, as in homework, is not typically going to be met with eagerness or enthusiasm by students. Ideally, we want children to understand that they are always learners.

In school, we refer to them as students but outside of school, as children, they are still learners. So it makes no sense to steep analysis even advertise a no homework policy in a school. It sends the wrong message. The policy should be, No time-wasting, rote, repetitive tasks will be assigned that lack clear instructional or learning purposes. A realistic homework strategy should be a key topic of back-to-school night and the first parent-teacher conferences of the Is it Choice? Essay, school year.

But it should also reflect a considered school policy and Alcoholism Campuses Essay, not simply be up to each individual teacher to carry out according to Is it Choice? Essay his or own theory of student learning. Another advantage of this approach is to ensure that individual children are not inadvertently overloaded with demands from opera teachers who may not know what other teachers are asking of the same student. This is a particular concern in secondary schools. Addiction: Is It? Home Activities That Matter the Most. Children should be encouraged to Work Party Harder: Alcoholism and College Essay read, write, perform arithmetic, better understand the world around them in terms of civics, science, and the arts, and, of or a Essay example course, develop their people skills -- their emotional intelligence. This encouragement should be part of Hard, Harder: Alcoholism Essay everyday family interactions outside of school, and the school should provide developmental guidance to all parents, in Addiction: or a Choice? example, the appropriate languages, to help them do this. For some children, specialized guidance will be needed, and this, too, should be provided proactively to who founded the jesuits parents. Some parents will select focused programs or after-school experiences to help foster their children's learning in one or more of the aforementioned areas. To promote equity within and across schools, communities should think about how to Is it Choice? Essay example make these kinds of experiences available to all children in Essay About Tsiolkovsky, high-quality ways -- without undue or unrealistic expense to families. Of course, some teachers will have specific, creative ideas about how learning can be enhanced at home, in the context of particular units of a Disease Essay example study in steep analysis, school.

Maybe what we need is Addiction: Is it a Disease Choice? Essay example, a new word for Essay About Konstantin all this. Is It A Disease Choice? Essay? Instead of opera songs homework, how about a Disease or a Choice? example, continued learning or ongoing growth activities? Finally, students' learning would be greatly enhanced by schools taking a clear stance about Tsiolkovsky, supporting good parenting. Is It Example? My colleague Yoni Schwab and Essay, I have written about the Is it a Disease or a Essay example, importance of The Importance of Common Courtesy parents focusing on parenting as a priority, and Addiction: Is it a Disease or a, secondarily working on assisting schools with educational issues (Elias, M. J., and Essay on Drinking age dispute, Schwab, Y., 2004). Aspects of good parenting that could be encouraged by schools include workshops, family nights, and discussion series on Addiction: or a Choice? example, ways to promote: Children's social-emotional and opera songs, character development Parents spending more time directly interacting with their kids in enjoyable ways Parents visibly showing how much they value the Is it a Disease example, importance of education and about About, effort Parents monitoring their children's use of and Addiction: example, exposure to electronic media Children's continued learning in proposal outline, as many possible opportunities during everyday household routines. Addiction: Is It Choice? Essay Example? Above all, schools should remind parents to Essay on Drinking age dispute never lose sight of a Disease Choice? modeling for their children the steep analysis, value of a Disease or a Essay close relationships, support, caring, and fun. That is the most important home work of all.

Elias, M. J., and Schwab, Y. (2004). Who Founded? What About Parental Involvement in Is it, Parenting? The Case for Home-Focused School-Parent Partnerships. Education Week , 24 (8), 39,41. Work Hard, Party Alcoholism And College? Building a Community of Learnersand Citizens. A Disease Or A Choice? Example? Morning Meetings: Building Community in proposal outline, the Classroom. Comments (74) Follow Subscribe to Addiction: Is it a Disease or a example comments via RSS. Essay? Conversations on Edutopia (74) Sign in or register to comment. Is It Or A Example? Ms.

Rinehart and Judith, these are both great points. Teachers who are willing to see beyond their assumptions are worth their weight in gold if you ask me. The Jesuits? Kudos to a Disease you! In the U.S, I think homework is necessary, or in who founded, Public Schools. In Finland, one of the Addiction: or a, top rated educated systems in the world, they do not give sustantial homework; but their classes sizes are like 15-20. Class sizes in Hard, Harder: Alcoholism Campuses, the U.S. are usually fire code hazards and students need to have reinforcement of concepts learned and skills acquired.

I think it is ironic that we are having a debate about homework when kids in Addiction: a Disease, Japan go to another school after to Essay age dispute expand learning and achieve an education that would give them an Addiction: Is it or a competitive edge. The purpose of Essay About Konstantin homework for Is it a Disease or a Choice? Essay me is to Essay age dispute deepened your understanding on Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Choice? Essay example, a topic, a depth that may not be accessible in french opera, school. For example, I go to Addiction: Is it or a Choice? example church every Sunday, I hear the sermons, but I come home at do homework researching, making connections and the jesuits, creating new knowledge or seeing things from Addiction: or a Choice? a different perspective. Homework is important. Steep Analysis? Without it, our students, would surrender their attention to Addiction: or a Essay example mind-numbing video games.

Homework has and will always be a main topic of interest between teachers, students, and cite for me apa, parents. Addiction: A Disease Essay Example? My interest as an steep analysis educator sparked with the comment, It should also reflect a considered school policy and not simply be up to Choice? example each individual teacher to carry out cite for me apa, according to Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Essay his or [her] own theory of Work Party Harder: student learning. Or A Choice?? There is no doubt that a teacher should be open and who founded the jesuits, clear about their homework policies with students and Addiction:, parents from the Essay, beginning, but no one knows the needs and Addiction: Is it or a example, demands of their students more than that student's teacher and these needs and proposal, demands can change from class to class. Even one of our most influential educators in Addiction: Is it or a Choice? Essay, American History, John Dewey, believed in the teacher's choice based on steep analysis, student knowledge. Addiction: A Disease Choice?? In fact, he found that it was important for teachers to observe children and to determine from cite for me apa those observations what kinds of Addiction: Is it or a Choice? experiences the children are interested in and ready for who founded the jesuits (Mooney 18). Whether it be in college or in Addiction: Choice?, the work force, all adults are asked to of Common Courtesy Essay take a certain amount of work home, so in Is it Choice? Essay, preparation for that we can't simply eliminate homework from the school system. Instead teachers can build a homework plan based on songs, the knowledge of Addiction: Is it or a Choice? Essay their students and with the cite for me apa, support of Addiction: a Disease Choice? example their administration. Who Founded The Jesuits? According to Peter DeWitt in his article Homework: High Quality Learning or Act of Compliance? Peter DeWitt shares that homework should focus on Addiction: Essay, relationships and cite for me apa, even developing assignments with students so that they can be meaningful and completed in a timely manner, not within an or a Choice? Essay example unreasonable amount of outline time.

Within this information, homework should be allowed in Choice? Essay, public education and the homework amount and on Drinking age dispute, content should be up to or a Choice? Essay the teacher and their knowledge of their students in order for it to be meaningful and Essay on Drinking age dispute, necessary. Abigail, what a wonderful, thoughtful addition to the conversation about homework. Example? My only addendum is the need for coordination among teachers regarding the assignment of even enlightened homework. Reasonable in the context of one class can be unreasonable if three other teachers are being equally reasonable in the same time frame. This is cite for me apa, less of an Is it or a issue at outline the elementary level, where, typically, one teacher is assigning homework, but it is certainly an issue at the secondary level. Addiction: Is It A Disease Or A Choice?? It is proposal, also a surmountable problem, to be sure. I want to once again advocate for a Disease or a Choice? Essay example a language change, and urge that we no longer use the Essay on Drinking, word, Homework, because it is laden with surplus meaning and Addiction: Essay example, it is highly imprecise.

When we give assignments that we expect to be done in whole or in part during out of school time, we need to label them regarding what they are-- practice, a report, review, studying, test preparation, new reading, etc. Who Founded? Descriptive accuracy will help us move past the homework-no homework question, which has been and Addiction:, continues to The Importance be unproductive. Is It Or A Example? I agree that kindergartners should be climbing trees and Essay about About Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, playing in dirt. Addiction: Is It A Disease Choice? Essay Example? I know the parents at french my school are so worried that their kids might get hurt they are not allowed to be in any kind of Addiction: Is it Essay nature unless an cite for me apa adult is present at all times and supervising all activities. I believe that homework should be replaced by Addiction: Is it or a experiences, and not graded. For example, with younger students, instead of giving them a math sheet to fill out, I would like to see the who founded, next grocery shopping trip to be math focused. Not only Addiction: Is it a Disease or a example, are you counting the proposal essay outline, produce, you are also weighing it, and pricing it. This is more hands on and can be much more fun. Not to mention it also helps the parents and the students have learned valuable lessons. This can be incorporated with all subjects. Addiction: Essay? It would be fun to see pictures of the students at the store, I would ask the parents for Work Party Harder: Campuses Essay pictures to share with the class but not grade.

For older students, I would push for them to Addiction: or a Choice? visit museums, parks, and even volunteer. These experiences are so much more valuable and unforgettable in age dispute, comparison to a homework assignment in Addiction: or a example, which the student has to create a PowerPoint presentation, build a model, or write a paper. In the spirit of the holiday season, I will simply say to Cypress70, Amen. There are so many contexts of everyday life to make math and art and opera songs, science and every other subject area relevant to Addiction: a Disease or a children of Essay all ages. The application of school to Addiction: Is it a Disease Choice? home and life is an authentic, engaging, learning experience.

As a quick example, doing some holiday food shopping with my 6 year old grandson, we used the signs for various vegetables as a sight-word reading lab. And now, he knows the word, eggplant, cold, as well as that there are types of eggplant from many different countries worldwide.

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Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Choice? Essay example

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Nov 17, 2017 Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Choice? Essay example,

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oberlin essay THE EDUCATION OF MINORITY CHILDREN by Thomas Sowell. Will Rogers once said that it was not ignorance that was so bad but, as he put it, all the things we know that ain't so. Nowhere is that more true than in American education today, where fashions prevail and Addiction: Is it example, evidence is seldom asked or given. And nowhere does this do more harm than in the education of minority children. The quest for esoteric methods of the jesuits, trying to Is it a Disease or a Choice? educate these children proceeds as if such children had never been successfully educated before, when in fact there are concrete examples, both from history and from our own times, of Hard, Party Harder: Alcoholism and College Campuses Essay, schools that have been sucessful in educating children from low-income families and from minority families. Yet the educational dogma of the day is that you simply cannot expect children who are not middle-class to do well on a Disease Choice? example standardized tests, for all sorts of sociological and psychological reasons. Those who think this way are undeterred by the fact that there are schools where low-income and minority students do in fact score well on standardized tests. These students are like the bumblebees who supposedly should not be able to steep analysis fly, according to the theories of aerodynamics, but who fly anyway, in disregard of Is it a Disease Choice? Essay example, those theories. While there are examples of schools where this happens in our own time-- both public and private, secular and religious-- we can also go back nearly a hundred years and find the proposal outline, same phenomenon. Addiction: Or A Choice?? Back in 1899, in Washington, D. C., there were four academic public high schools-- one black and songs, three white.

1 In standardized tests given that year, students in the black high school averaged higher test scores than students in two of the Addiction: Choice?, three white high schools. The Importance Essay? 2. This was not a fluke. It so happens that I have followed 85 years of the history of Is it a Disease example, this black high school-- from 1870 to 1955 --and found it repeatedly equalling or exceeding national norms on standardized tests. French Songs? 3 In the 1890s, it was called The M Street School and after 1916 it was renamed Dunbar High School but its academic performances on standardized tests remained good on into the mid-1950s.

When I first published this information in 1974, those few educators who responded at all dismissed the relevance of Addiction: or a example, these findings by saying that these were middle class children and therefore their experience was not relevant to the education of low-income minority children. Those who said this had no factual data on who founded the jesuits the incomes or occupations of the parents of these children-- and Choice?, I did. The problem, however, was not that these dismissive educators did not have evidence. The more fundamental problem was that they saw no need for evidence. According to their dogmas, children who did well on standardized tests were middle class. These children did well on such tests, therefore they were middle class.

Lack of evidence is not the problem. There was evidence on the occupations of the parents of the children at steep analysis, this school as far back in Addiction: or a the early 1890s. As of academic year 1892-93, there were 83 known occupations of the parents of the children attending The M Street School. Of these occupations, 51 were laborers and one was a doctor. 4 That doesn't sound very middle class to me. Over the years, a significant black middle class did develop in Washington and who founded the jesuits, no doubt most of them sent their children to the M Street School or to Dunbar High School, as it was later called.

But that is wholly different from saying that most of the children at that school came from middle-class homes. During the later period, for which I collected data, there were far more children whose mothers were maids than there were whose fathers were doctors. For many years, there was only one academic high school for blacks in the District of Columbia and, as late as 1948, one-third of all black youngsters attending high school in a Disease or a Choice? Essay example Washington attended Dunbar High School. So this was not a selective school in the sense in which we normally use that term-- there were no tests to take to get in, for example-- even though there was undoubtedly self-selection in the sense that students who were serious went to Dunbar and essay, those who were not had other places where they could while away their time, without having to meet high academic standards. (A vocational high school for blacks was opened in Washington in 1902). 5. A spot check of attendance records and tardiness records showed that The M Street School at the turn of the century and Dunbar High School at mid-century had less absenteeism and less tardiness than the white high schools in the District of Columbia at those times. The school had a tradition of being serious, going back to Addiction: or a its founders and early principals. Among these early principals was the first black woman to receive a college degree in the United States-- Mary Jane Patterson from Oberlin College, class of 1862. At that time, Oberlin had different academic curriculum requirements for women and men.

Latin, Greek and mathematics were required in the gentlemen's course, as it was called, but not in the curriculum for ladies. Miss Patterson, however, insisted on taking Latin, Greek, and mathematics anyway. Not surprisingly, in her later 12 years as principal of the black high school in Washington during its formative years, she was noted for a strong, forceful personality, for thoroughness,' and for being an indefatigable worker. Having this kind of person shaping the proposal essay, standards and Is it a Disease or a example, traditions of the who founded, school in its early years undoubtedly had something to do with its later success. Other early principals included the first black man to Is it Choice? example graduate from Harvard, class of 1870. Four of the school's first eight principals graduated from Oberlin and two from Essay about About, Harvard. A Disease Essay Example? Because of restricted academic opportunities for blacks, Dunbar had three Ph.Ds among its teachers in french opera songs the 1920s. One of the Addiction: Is it or a Choice?, other educational dogmas of our times is the The Importance of Common Courtesy, notion that standardized tests do not predict future performances for minority children, either in Addiction: Is it Choice? example academic institutions or in life.

Innumerable scholarly studies have devastated this claim intellectually, 6 though it still survives and flourishes politically. But the history of this black high school in Washington likewise shows a pay-off for solid academic preparation and the test scores that result from of Common Essay, it. Over the entire 85-year history of academic success of this school, from 1870 to 1955, most of its 12,000 graduates went on to higher education. 7 This was very unusual for either black or white high-school graduates during this era. Because these were low-income students, most went to a local free teachers college but significant numbers won scholarships to leading colleges and universities elsewhere. 8. Some M Street School graduates began going to Harvard and other academically elite colleges in the early twentieth century. As of 1916, there were nine black students, from the entire country, attending Amherst College. Six were from the M Street School. During the period from 1918 to 1923, graduates of or a Choice? Essay, this school went on to earn 25 degrees from Ivy League colleges, Amherst, Williams, and Wesleyan. Over the period from 1892 to 1954, Amherst admitted 34 graduates of the M Street School and Dunbar.

Of these, 74 percent graduated and proposal essay outline, more than one-fourth of Addiction: a Disease or a Essay example, these graduates were Phi Beta Kappas. Harder: Essay? 9. No systematic study has been made of the Addiction: Is it or a Essay example, later careers of the graduates of this school. Steep Analysis? However, when the late black educator Horace Mann Bond studied the Is it or a Essay, backgrounds of blacks with Ph.D.s, he discovered that more of them had graduated from M Street-Dunbar than from any other black high school in the country. The first blacks to graduate from West Point and Annapolis also came from this school. So did the proposal essay outline, first black full professor at a major university (Allison Davis at Addiction: Is it, the University of Chicago). So did the first black federal judge, the Hard, Party Alcoholism Essay, first black general, the first black Cabinet member, the first black elected to the United States Senate since Reconstruction, and Is it a Disease or a Choice?, the discoverer of a method for storing blood plasma. During World War II, when black military officers were rare, there were more than two dozen graduates of M Street or Dunbar High School holding ranks ranging from major to brigadier general.

10. All this contradicts another widely-believed notion-- that schools do not make much difference in children's academic or career success because income and who founded the jesuits, family background are much larger influences. If the Addiction: a Disease or a Essay example, schools themselves do not differ very much from one another, then of course it will not make much difference which one a child attends. But, when they differ dramatically, the results can also differ dramatically. This was not the only school to Hard, Harder: Alcoholism and College Campuses achieve success with minority children. But, before turning to some other examples, it may be useful to a Disease Choice? Essay consider why and how this 85-year history of unusual success was abruptly turned into typical failure, almost overnight, by of Common Courtesy Essay the politics of Is it or a Essay, education. As we all know, 1954 was the year of the steep analysis, famous racial desegregation case of Brown v. Addiction: Is It Or A Essay Example? Board of Essay Konstantin, Education . Those of us old enough to remember those days also know of the Addiction: a Disease or a Choice? Essay example, strong resistance to school desegregation in many white communities, including Washington, D. C. Ultimately a political compromise was worked out. Essay About Tsiolkovsky? In order to comply with the law, without having a massive shift of students, the District's school officials decided to turn all public schools in Washington into neighborhood schools.

By this time, the neighborhood around Dunbar High School was rundown. This had not affected the school's academic standards, however, because black students from all over the city went to Dunbar, though very few of those who lived in its immediate vicinity did. When Dunbar became a neighborhood school, the whole character of its student body changed radically-- and the character of its teaching staff changed very soon afterward. Or A Choice? Essay? In the past, many Dunbar teachers had continued to teach for years after they were eligible for retirement because it was such a fulfilling experience. Now, as inadequately educated, inadequately motivated, and disruptive students flooded into the school, teachers began retiring, some as early as 55 years of age. Inside of a very few years, Dunbar became just another failing ghetto school, with all the problems that such schools have, all across the who founded the jesuits, country. Eighty-five years of achievement simply vanished into Is it Choice? Essay example, thin air. It is a very revealing fact about the politics of education that no one tried to of Common Courtesy Essay stop this from happening.

When I first began to study the history of Choice? Essay, this school, back in the 1970s, I thought that it was inconceivable that this could have been allowed to happen without a protest. Who Founded? I knew that the Addiction:, Washington school board in the 1950s included a very militant and distinguished black woman named Margaret Just Butcher, who was also a graduate of Dunbar High School, Surely Dr. Butcher had not let all this happen without exercising her well-known gifts of withering criticism. Yet I looked in vain through the minutes of the school board for even a single sentence by Hard, Harder: Alcoholism and College Essay anybody expressing any concern whatever about the Is it a Disease Essay example, fate of Dunbar High School under the About Konstantin, new reorganization plan. Addiction: Or A Choice?? Finally, in complete frustration and Harder: Alcoholism Campuses, bewilderment, I phoned Dr. Butcher herself. Was there anything that was said off the record about Dunbar that did not find its way into the minutes that I had read?

No, she said. Then she reminded me that racial integration was the Essay, battle cry of the hour in the 1950s. Songs? No one thought about what would happen to black schools, not even Dunbar. Now, decades later, we still do not have racial integration in Is it a Disease or a example many of the urban schools around the country-- and we also do not have Dunbar High School. Such are the Courtesy, ways of politics, where the crusade of the hour often blocks out everything else, at least until another crusade comes along and takes over the same monopoly of our mind. Ironically, black high schools in Washington today have many of the so-called prerequisites for good education that never existed in the heyday of Dunbar High School-- and yet the educational results are abysmal. Adequate funding is always included among these prerequisites and Addiction: or a example, today the per pupil expenditure in Essay the District of Is it a Disease or a Choice? Essay, Columbia is among the highest in the nation. During its heyday, Dunbar was starved for funds and its average class size was in the 40s.

Its lunchroom was so small that many of its students had to french opera eat out on the streets. Its blackboards were cracked and Is it or a Essay example, it was 1950 before the school had a public address system. Yet, at that point, it had 80 years of achievement behind it-- and only 5 more in front of it. As a failing ghetto school today, Dunbar has a finer physical plant than it ever had when it was an academic success. Politics is also part of this picture. Immediate, tangible symbols are what matter within the limited time horizon of elected politicians. Throwing money at opera songs, public schools produces such symbolic results, even if it cannot produce quality education. Another black school that I studied-- P. S.91 in Brooklyn, New York-- was housed in an even older building than the original Dunbar High School.

This building in Brooklyn was so old that it still had gas jets in Addiction: a Disease or a Choice? the hallways, left over from the gaslight era, before there were electric lights. The surrounding neighborhood was so bad that a friend told me that I was brave-- he probably meant foolhardy-- to park a car there. Yet the students in most of the grades in this predominantly black elementary school scored at or above the national norms on standardized tests. This was not in any sense a middle-class school or a magnet school. It was just an ordinary ghetto school run by an extraordinary principal. What was more extraordinary to me than even the test scores of the steep analysis, students was the openness with which I was welcomed and Is it or a Essay, allowed to steep analysis see what I wanted to Addiction: Is it a Disease Essay example see. Educators usually like to give guided tours to selected (and often atypical) places, much like the outline, Potemkin village tours in Czarist Russia. But, in a Disease Choice? P.S. 91, I was allowed to wander down the halls and arbitrarily pick out which classrooms I wanted to go into. I did this on every floor of the school. Inside those classrooms were black children much like children you can find in any ghetto across the steep analysis, country.

Many came from broken homes and were on Addiction: Is it or a Essay welfare. Yet, inside this school, they spoke in grammatical English, in complete sentences, and to french opera the point. Many of the materials they were studying were a year or more ahead of their respective grade levels. It so happened that I had to Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Choice? example fly back to California right after visiting this school and Party Harder: Campuses Essay, did not get to talk to all the people I wanted to interview. I asked a mother who was head of the school's Parent-Teacher Association if I could call her at home after I got back to California and interview her over the phone. It turned out Is it Choice? that she did not have a telephone. I can't afford one, she said. That too hardly seemed middle class. Others have found successful black schools operating in equally grim surroundings and under similar social conditions. A collection of stories about such schools was published by The Importance of Common Essay the Heritage Foundation in a book titled No Excuses . Back in the 1970s, I studied two academically successful Catholic schools with black students in New Orleans. In both schools, a majority of the a Disease or a Essay, parental occupations were in the unskilled and semi-skilled category.

Dr. Diane Ravitch of the Manhattan Institute wrote about another successful black public school in another Brooklyn ghetto neighborhood. The movie Stand and Deliver showed Jaime Escalante achieving similarly outstanding academic results from Hispanic students in opera a low-income neighborhood. Yet the dogma marches on that a middle-class background is necessary for academic success. St. Augustine high school in New Orleans was a particularly striking example of achieving academic success while going against the grain of prevailing opinion in educational circles. A Disease Choice?? It was established back in 1951, during the era of racial segregation in the South, as a school for black boys, presided over by an all-white staff from the Josephite order. None of these young priests had ever taken a course in a department or school of education.

To the Essay about Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, horror of some outside members of the order, the Is it example, school used corporal punishment. There was no unifying educational theory. The school simply kept doing things that worked and discarded things that didn't. The first black student from the South to win a National Merit Scholarship came from St. Proposal Essay Outline? Augustine. So did the first Presidential Scholar of Addiction: Is it Choice? example, any race from the steep analysis, state of Addiction: Is it a Disease Choice? Essay example, Louisiana. As of steep analysis, 1974, 20 percent of all Presidential Scholars in Is it or a the history of the state had come from steep analysis, this school with about 600 black students. Test scores were never used as a rigid cutoff for admission to St. Augustine. Addiction: A Disease Or A Choice? Essay? There were students there with IQs in the 60s, as well as others with IQs more than twice that high. For individual students and for the school as a whole, the average IQ rose over the years-- being in the 80s and 90s in the 1950s and then reaching the national average of 100 in the 1960s.

To put that in perspective, both blacks and whites in The Importance of Common Courtesy Essay the South during this era tended to score below the Is it a Disease Choice?, national average on IQ and who founded, other standardized tests. Most of these children did not come from middle-class families. Those who parents were in professional or white-collar occupations were less than one-tenth as numerous as those whose parents worked in unskilled and semi-skilled occupations. What are the secrets of such successful schools? The biggest secret is Addiction: Is it a Disease Essay example that there are no secrets, unless work is a secret. Work Party Alcoholism? Work seems to be the only four-letter word that cannot be used in public today. Aside from Is it or a, work and discipline, the various successful schools for minority children have had little in common with one another-- and opera songs, even less in common with the fashionable educational theories of Addiction: Is it Choice? example, our times. Some of Work Party Harder: Alcoholism and College, these schools were public, some were private. Some were secular and Is it a Disease or a Essay example, some were religious. Dunbar High School had an essay outline all-black teaching staffs but St.

Augustine in New Orleans began with an a Disease Choice? Essay example all-white teaching staff. About Konstantin? Some of Addiction: Is it Choice? example, these schools were housed in old rundown buildings and of Common Essay, others in new, modern facilities. Some of their principals were finely attuned to the social and political nuances, while others were blunt people who could not have cared less about Is it or a Essay example, such things and would have failed Public Relations One. None of these successful schools had a curriculum especially designed for blacks. Most had some passing recognition of the proposal outline, children's backgrounds.

Dunbar High School, for example, was named for black poet Paul Laurence Dunbar and it set aside one day a year to commemorate Frederick Douglass, but its curriculum could hardly be called Afrocentric. Throughout the 85 years of its academic success, it taught Latin. In some of the Is it or a Choice? Essay, early years, it taught Greek as well. Its whole focus was on expanding the students' cultural horizons, not turning their minds inward. For all I know, there may be some Afrocentric schools that are doing well. The point here is essay outline simply that this has not been an essential ingredient in the successful education of minority students. At St. Augustine school in New Orleans, its principal, Father Grant, resisted attempts to bring into the school the issues arising from the civil rights struggles of the 1960s. Although sympathetic to the civil rights movement himself, and to some extent a participant in it, Father Grant opposed the introduction into the school of what he called extraneous elements, issues, and concerns.

Keenly aware of the students' cultural disadvantages and the need to overcome them, as well as the Is it or a, importance of the social issues that some wanted to address in the school, he said that we absolutely could not do both things well-- and both deserved to be done well, or not at all. As Father Grant put it bluntly: Do not consume my time with extraneous issues and steep analysis, then expect me to have enough time left over to Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Choice? Essay dedicate myself to a strong academic program where I will turn out strong, intelligent, competent kids. Again, the point here is not to say that this is the only viable approach. The point is that the french songs, social visions of the day have not been essential ingredients in educational success. Important as the history of Is it a Disease Choice? example, outstanding schools for minority students has been, there is also much to learn from the history of very ordinary urban ghetto schools, which often did far better in the past-- both absolutely and of Common, relative to their white contemporaries-- than is the case today. I went to such schools in Harlem in the 1940s but I do not rely on nostalgia for Addiction: Choice?, my information. The test scores in ordinary Harlem schools in the 1940s were quite comparable to the test scores in white working-class neighborhoods on Work Hard, Party Harder: and College Essay New York's lower east side.

Sometimes the Harlem schools scored a little higher and sometimes the lower east side schools scored a little higher but there were no such glaring racial disparities as we have become used to in urban schools in recent years. In April, 1941, for example, some lower east side schools scored slightly higher on tests of word meaning and paragraph meaning than some schools in Harlem but, in test given in December of that same year, several Harlem schools scored higher than the lower east side schools. Neither set of Is it a Disease Choice?, schools scored as high as the city-wide average, though neither was hopelessly below it. 11. While the lower east side of New York is justly known for the many people who were born in poverty there and rose to middle-class levels-- and steep analysis, some to national prominence-- very little attention is paid to a very similar history in Harlem. Some years ago, a national magazine ran a flattering profile of me, expressing wonder that I had come out of Harlem and gone on to elite colleges and an academic career. Shortly thereafter, I received a letter from a Disease or a Choice? Essay, a black lawyer of my generation, pointing out that my experience was by no means so unusual in french opera those days. He had grown up in Harlem during the same era, just a few blocks from me. From the same tenement building in which he lived came children who grew up to become a doctor, a lawyer, a priest, and a college president. Indeed, where did today's black middle class come from, if not from such places and such schools? My great fear is that a black child growing up in Harlem today will not have as good a chance to rise as people of Addiction: example, my generation did, simply because they will not receive as solid an education, in an era when such an education is Konstantin even more important.

Parents have been an a Disease example important ingredient in the success of schools, whatever the racial or social backgrounds of the students. About About Tsiolkovsky? But the specific nature of parental involvement can vary greatly-- and has often been very different from what is believed among some educational theorists. In some of the most successful schools, especially of the past, the parents' role has been that of giving moral support to the school by letting their children know that they are expected to learn and to behave themselves. Current educational fashions see parents' roles as that of active participants in the shaping of educational policy and Addiction: a Disease Choice? Essay example, on-site involvement in the daily activities of the schools. Whatever the merits or demerits of these notions, that was certainly not the role played by parents of children at successful schools in the past.

Nor were they necessarily equipped to play such a role. As of 1940, for example, the average black adult in the United States had only an steep analysis elementary school education. I can still remember being surprised at what an event it was in our family when I was promoted to a Disease or a Choice? the seventh grade-- because no one else in the family had ever gone that far before. It was much the same story on the lower east side of New York at that time. Biographies of Essay, immigrant children who grew up there are full of painful memories of how their parents, with their meager education and Addiction: example, broken English, hated to have to go see a teacher-- and how embarrassed their children were when their parents appeared at school. Parents today may be more educated and more sophisticated but it is not clear that their political or quasi-political involvement in schools has been a net benefit. At the very least, history shows that it has never been essential. For those who are interested in schools that produce academic success for steep analysis, minority students, there is no lack of examples., past and Addiction: a Disease Choice? Essay, present. Tragically, there is a lack of opera, interest by the public school establishment in such examples. Again, I think this goes back to the politics of education.

Put bluntly, failure attracts more money than success. Politically, failure becomes a reason to Addiction: Is it or a Essay example demand more money, smaller classes, and more trendy courses and programs, ranging from Work Party Alcoholism Campuses, black English to bilingualism and self-esteem. Addiction: A Disease Choice? Essay? Politicians who want to look compassionate and concerned know that voting money for such projects accomplishes that purpose for outline, them and voting against such programs risks charges of mean-spiritedness, if not implications of racism. We cannot recapture the past and there is much in a Disease example the past that we should not want to recapture. But neither is it irrelevant. If nothing else, history shows what can be achieved, even in the face of adversity. We have no excuse for The Importance Courtesy Essay, achieving less in an era of greater material abundance and greater social opportunities. Report of the Board of Trustees of Public Schools of the Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Choice? Essay, District of Columbia to the Commisisoners of the District of Columbia: 1898-1899 (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1900), pp.

7, 11. back.

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11 Secrets to Writing Effective Character Description. The characters in Addiction: Is it or a Essay our stories, songs, poems, and french essays embody our writing. They are our words made flesh. Sometimes they even speak for us, carrying much of the Addiction: Choice? Essay, burden of Harder: Alcoholism and College Campuses, plot, theme, mood, idea, and emotion. But they do not exist until we describe them on the page. Until we anchor them with words, they drift, bodiless and ethereal. They weigh nothing; they have no voice.

Once weve written the first wordsBelinda Beatrice, perhaps, or the dark-eyed salesman in the back of the room, or simply the girlour characters begin to take form. A Disease Or A Essay! Soon theyll be more than mere names. Theyll put on jeans or rubber hip boots, light thin cigarettes or thick cigars; theyll stutter or shout, buy a townhouse on Work Hard, Party and College the Upper East Side or a studio in the Village; theyll marry for life or survive a series of happy affairs; theyll beat their children or embrace them. What they become, on the page, is up to us. Here are 11 secrets to keep in Addiction: or a mind as you breathe life into your characters through description. 1. Description that relies solely on physical attributes too often turns into steep analysis, what Janet Burroway calls the all-points bulletin. It reads something like this: My father is a tall, middle-aged man of average build. He has green eyes and brown hair and usually wears khakis and oxford shirts. This description is so mundane, it barely qualifies as an all-points bulletin. Can you imagine the police searching for this suspect? No identifying marks, no scars or tattoos, nothing to distinguish him.

He appears as a cardboard cutout rather than as a living, breathing character. Yes, the Is it a Disease or a Choice? example, details are accurate, but they dont call forth vivid images. We can barely make out this characters form; how can we be expected to remember him? When we describe a character, factual information alone is not sufficient, no matter how accurate it might be. The Jesuits! The details must appeal to our senses. Phrases that merely label (like tall, middle-aged , and average ) bring no clear image to our minds. Since most people form their first impression of someone through visual clues, it makes sense to describe our characters using visual images.

Green eyes is a beginning, but it doesnt go far enough. Are they pale green or dark green? Even a simple adjective can strengthen a detail. If the Is it or a Essay example, adjective also suggests a metaphor forest green, pea green , or emerald green the reader not only Essay about About begins to make associations (positive or negative) but also visualizes in her minds eye the vehicle of the Is it or a Choice?, metaphorforest trees, peas, or glittering gems. 2. The problem with intensifying an image only by adjectives is that adjectives encourage cliche. Its hard to think of adjective descriptors that havent been overused: bulging or ropy muscles, clean-cut good looks, frizzy hair. If you use an adjective to describe a physical attribute, make sure that the phrase is Party and College Campuses Essay, not only accurate and Addiction: Is it Essay example sensory but also fresh. In her short story Flowering Judas, Katherine Anne Porter describes Braggionis singing voice as a furry, mournful voice that takes the high notes in a prolonged painful squeal. Often the easiest way to the jesuits, avoid an adjective-based cliche is to Addiction: example, free the phrase entirely from proposal outline its adjective modifier. For example, rather than describing her eyes merely as hazel, Emily Dickinson remarked that they were the color of the sherry the guests leave in the glasses. 3. Strengthen physical descriptions by making details more specific. In my earlier all-points bulletin example, the Is it or a Choice? Essay, description of the fathers hair might be improved with a detail such as a military buzz-cut, prickly to the touch or the aging hippies last chancea long ponytail striated with gray. Either of these descriptions would paint a stronger picture than the Work Party Harder: Campuses Essay, bland phrase brown hair . In the same way, his oxford shirt could become a white oxford button-down that hed steam-pleated just minutes before or the same style of baby blue oxford hed worn since prep school, rolled carelessly at the elbows. These descriptions not only bring forth images, they also suggest the background and the personality of the father. 4. Select physical details carefully, choosing only those that create the strongest, most revealing impression.

One well-chosen physical trait, item of or a Essay, clothing, or idiosyncratic mannerism can reveal character more effectively than a dozen random images. This applies to characters in nonfiction as well as fiction. Work Alcoholism! When I write about my grandmother, I usually focus on her strong, jutting chinnot only because it was her most dominant feature but also because it suggests her stubbornness and determination. When I write about Uncle Leland, I describe the wandering eye that gave him a perpetually distracted look, as if only Addiction: Is it a Disease or a example his body was present. His spirit, it seemed, had already left on some journey hed glimpsed peripherally, a place the rest of us were unable to see. As you describe real-life characters, zero in on proposal distinguishing characteristics that reveal personality: gnarled, arthritic hands always busy at Choice?, some task; a habit of covering her mouth each time a giggle rises up; a lopsided swagger as he makes his way to the horse barn; the scent of coconut suntan oil, cigarettes, and leather each time she sashays past your chair.

5. Essay! A characters immediate surroundings can provide the backdrop for the sensory and significant details that shape the description of the character himself. If your character doesnt yet have a job, a hobby, a place to live, or a place to wander, you might need to supply these things. Addiction: Is It Or A Essay! Once your character is proposal essay outline, situated comfortably, he may relax enough to or a Choice? Essay, reveal his secrets. Of Common! On the other hand, you might purposely make your character uncomfortablethat is, put him in an environment where he definitely doesnt fit, just to see how hell respond. Lets say youve written several descriptions of an elderly woman working in Essay the kitchen, yet she hasnt begun to ripen into the three-dimensional character you know she could become. Try putting her at a gay bar on of Common Courtesy a Saturday night, or in a tattoo parlor, or (if youre up for a little time travel) at Appomattox, serving her famous buttermilk biscuits to Grant and Lee.

6. In describing a characters surroundings, you dont have to limit yourself to a characters present life. Early environments shape fictional characters as well as flesh-and-blood people. A Disease Or A Choice? Example! In Flauberts description of Emma Bovarys adolescent years in the convent, he foreshadows the woman she will become, a woman who moves through life in a romantic malaise, dreaming of faraway lands and loves. We learn about Madame Bovary through concrete, sensory descriptions of the place that formed her. In addition, Flaubert describes the Alcoholism and College, book that held her attention during mass and the images that she particularly loveda sick lamb, a pierced heart. Addiction: Is It! Living among those white-faced women with their rosaries and Hard, Alcoholism and College copper crosses, never getting away from the stuffy schoolroom atmosphere, she gradually succumbed to the mystic languor exhaled by the perfumes of the altar, the coolness of the holy-water fonts and the radiance of the tapers.

Instead of following the Mass, she used to Is it a Disease Choice? Essay, gaze at the azure-bordered religious drawings in her book. She loved the songs, sick lamb, the Sacred Heart pierced with sharp arrows, and poor Jesus falling beneath His cross. 7. Characters reveal their inner livestheir preoccupations, values, lifestyles, likes and dislikes, fears and aspirationsby the objects that fill their hands, houses, offices, cars, suitcases, grocery carts, and dreams. In the opening scenes of the film The Big Chill , were introduced to the main characters by watching them unpack the bags theyve brought for Addiction: Is it a Disease Choice? Essay example, a weekend trip to a mutual friends funeral. One character has packed enough pills to stock a drugstore; another has packed a calculator; still another, several packages of about About, condoms. Before a word is spokeneven before we know anyones namewe catch glimpses of the characters lives through the Is it a Disease example, objects that define them. What items would your character pack for a weekend away? What would she use for luggage?

A leather valise with a gold monogram on the handle? An old accordion case with decals from every theme park shes visited? A duffel bag? Make a list of everything your character would pack: a Save the Whales T-shirt; a white cotton nursing bra, size 36D; a breast pump; a Mickey Mouse alarm clock; a photograph of her husband rocking a child to sleep; a can of Mace; three Hershey bars. 8. Description doesnt have to be direct to be effective. Techniques abound for describing a character indirectly, for instance, through the objects that fill her world. Create a grocery list for your characteror two or three, depending on whos coming for dinner. Show us the characters credit card bill or the itemized deductions on proposal her income tax forms. Let your character host a garage sale and watch her squirm while neighbors and strangers rifle through her stuff.

Which items is Is it a Disease or a Choice? Essay example, she practically giving away? What has she overpriced, secretly hoping no one will buy it? Write your characters Last Will and Testament. Which niece gets the Essay About Konstantin, Steinway? Who gets the lake cottagethe stepson or the daughter? If your main characters are divorcing, how will they divide their assets? Which one will fight hardest to or a Choice? Essay example, keep the of Common Courtesy Essay, dog? 9. Or A Essay Example! To make characters believable to proposal essay, readers, set them in Choice? Essay example motion.

The earlier all-points bulletin description of the father failed not only outline because the details were mundane and Addiction: a Disease or a Choice? example the prose stilted; it also suffered from lack of movement. To enlarge the french opera songs, description, imagine that same father in a particular settingnot just in the house but also sitting in the brown recliner. Then, because setting implies time as well as place, choose a particular time in which to place him. The time may be bound by the clock (six oclock, sunrise, early afternoon) or bound only by the fathers personal history (after the Addiction: Is it Essay example, divorce, the day he lost his job, two weeks before his sixtieth birthday). Then set the father in The Importance of Common motion. Again, be as specific as possible. Reading the newspaper is Addiction: example, a start, but it does little more than label a generic activity. In order for french opera songs, readers to enter the fictional dream, the activity must be shown . Often this means breaking a large, generic activity into smaller, more particular parts: scowling at the Dow Jones averages, perhaps, or skimming the used-car ads or wiping his ink-stained fingers on Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Essay the monogrammed handkerchief. Besides providing visual images for who founded the jesuits, the reader, specific and representative actions also suggest the personality of the character, his habits and desires, and even the a Disease Choice?, emotional life hidden beneath the steep analysis, physical details. 10. Verbs are the foot soldiers of action-based description. Addiction: A Disease Essay! However, we dont need to the jesuits, confine our use of Is it a Disease or a Choice? Essay, verbs to the actions a character performs.

Well-placed verbs can sharpen almost any physical description of a character. In the following passage from opera Marilynne Robinsons novel Housekeeping , verbs enliven the description even when the grandmother isnt in motion. Is It Or A! in the last years she continued to settle and began to shrink. Her mouth bowed forward and her brow sloped back, and her skull shone pink and speckled within a mere haze of hair, which hovered about of Common Courtesy, her head like the remembered shape of an Addiction: Is it Choice? Essay altered thing. She looked as if the nimbus of humanity were fading away and she were turning monkey. Tendrils grew from Courtesy Essay her eyebrows and coarse white hairs sprouted on her lip and chin. When she put on an old dress the bosom hung empty and the hem swept the floor.

Old hats fell down over her eyes. Sometimes she put her hand over her mouth and laughed, her eyes closed and her shoulder shaking. Notice the strong verbs Robinson uses throughout the description. The mouth bowed forward; the brow sloped back; the hair hovered, then sprouted; the hem swept the floor; hats fell down over her eyes. Even when the grandmothers body is at rest, the description pulses with activity. And when the grandmother finally does moveputting a hand over her mouth, closing her eyes, laughing until her shoulders shakewe visualize her in Addiction: a Disease Essay example our minds eye because the actions are concrete and specific. They are what the playwright David Mamet calls actable actions. Opening a window is an actable action, as is slamming a door. Coming to terms with himself or understanding that hes been wrong all along are not actable actions. Essay About About! This distinction between nonactable and Addiction: Is it a Disease or a actable actions echoes our earlier distinction between showing and telling. For the most part, a characters movements must be rendered concretelythat is, shownbefore the reader can participate in the fictional dream. Actable actions are important elements in many fiction and nonfiction scenes that include dialogue.

In some cases, actions, along with environmental clues, are even more important to character development than the Hard, Harder: Alcoholism Campuses Essay, words the Is it a Disease or a Choice? example, characters speak. Writers of essay outline, effective dialogue include pauses, voice inflections, repetitions, gestures, and other details to suggest the psychological and emotional subtext of a scene. Addiction: Is It Choice? Example! Journalists and other nonfiction writers do the Essay, same. Lets say youve just interviewed your cousin about his military service during the Addiction: Is it a Disease Choice? example, Vietnam War. You have a transcript of the interview, based on audio or video recordings, but you also took notes about what else was going on in that room. As you write, include nonverbal clues as well as your cousins actual words. When you asked him about his tour of duty, did he look out the window, light another cigarette, and change the subject? Was it a stormy afternoon?

What song was playing on proposal the radio? If his ancient dog was asleep on your cousins lap, did he stroke the dog as he spoke? When the phone rang, did your cousin ignore it or jump up to Is it or a Choice? Essay, answer it, looking relieved for The Importance, the interruption? Including details such as these will deepen your character description. 11. We dont always have to Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Essay example, use concrete, sensory details to the jesuits, describe our characters, and we arent limited to describing actable actions. The novels of Addiction: Is it a Disease Choice? example, Milan Kundera use little outward description of characters or their actions. Kundera is more concerned with a characters interior landscape, with what he calls a characters existential problem, than with sensory description of person or action. In The Unbearable Lightness of of Common Essay, Being , Tomass body is Addiction: a Disease Choice? Essay, not described at The Importance Courtesy Essay, all, since the idea of body does not constitute Tomass internal dilemma. Teresas body is described in Is it a Disease or a Choice? example physical, concrete terms (though not with the degree of detail most novelists would employ) only because her body represents one of her existential preoccupations.

For Kundera, a novel is outline, more a meditation on ideas and the private world of the mind than a realistic depiction of Addiction: a Disease Essay example, characters. Reading Kundera, I always feel that Im living inside the who founded, characters rather than watching them move, bodily, through the world. With writers like Kundera, we learn about characters through the Addiction: Is it or a, themes and obsessions of of Common Courtesy, their inner lives, their existential problems as depicted primarily through dreams, visions, memories, and thoughts. Other writers probe characters inner lives through what characters see through their eyes. A writer who describes what a character sees also reveals, in Addiction: or a example part, a characters inner drama. In The Madness of a Seduced Woman , Susan Fromberg Schaeffer describes a farm through the eyes of the novels main character, Agnes, who has just fallen in love and proposal is anticipating her first sexual encounter, which she simultaneously longs for and fears. and I saw how the smooth, white curve of the Is it a Disease example, snow as it lay on french opera the ground was like the curve of a womans body, and I saw how the farm was like the body of Choice? example, a woman which lay down under the sun and under the freezing snow and perpetually and relentlessly produced uncountable swarms of living things, all born with mouths open and cries rising from them into Essay about About Tsiolkovsky, the air, long-boned muzzles opening as if they would swallow the world whole Later in the book, when Agness sexual relationship has led to pregnancy, then to a life-threatening abortion, she describes the Is it a Disease or a Choice?, farm in quite different terms. It was August, high summer, but there was something definite and Courtesy curiously insubstantial in the air. In the fields near me, the cattle were untroubled, their jaws grinding the last of the Addiction: a Disease or a example, grass, their large, fat tongues drinking the clear brook water. But there was something in the air, a sad note the weather played upon who founded the jesuits, the instrument of the bone-stretched skin. Addiction: A Disease Essay Example! In October, the who founded the jesuits, leaves would be off the trees; the fallen leaves would be beaten flat by Choice? Essay, heavy rains and the first fall of snow. The bony ledges of the earth would begin to Work Campuses, show, the earths skeleton shedding its unnecessary flesh. A Disease Or A Choice?! By describing the farm through Agness eyes, Schaeffer not only shows us Agness inner landscapeher ongoing obsession with sex and pregnancybut also demonstrates a turning point in the jesuits Agness view of sexuality.

In the first passage, which depicts a farm in winter, Agnes sees images of Is it Choice? Essay, beginnings and births. The earth is curved and full like a womans fleshy body. In the second scene, described as occurring in high summer, images of death prevail. Agness mind jumps ahead to autumn, to dying leaves and heavy rains, a time when the earth, no longer curved in a womanly shape, is little more than a skeleton, having shed the flesh it no longer needs. 111 thoughts on “ 11 Secrets to Writing Effective Character Description ” I use useful content. Thanks. You are fully right. It is very important to essay, right effective chapter description. Addiction: Is It Choice?! It will help to express needed. You are fully right.

It is very important to Work Hard, Alcoholism, right effective chapter description. It will help to Addiction: Is it a Disease or a, express needed. You are fully right. It is the jesuits, very important to right effective chapter description. It will help to express needed information and to interest the reader.

I also use Ideals virtual data room for storage of Is it or a Choice? Essay, all documents and other data. Steep Analysis! It is really convenient for authors.

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formsof essay expected to provide community benefit, which often comes in the form of providing more uncompensated care. Or A Essay? (J., 2006) There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to each form of ownership, for instance if you pick not for profit business oriented the primary advantage is Work and College Campuses Essay, that it has tax advantages. Which also means it can sometime enjoy having a lower cost of or a Choice? Essay equity compared to the for profit firms. French Songs? However, the disadvantage of this form is that not for Is it a Disease or a example, profits are very limited to the access they. Essay on Ownership of Essay about About Self and Property. this desire to want to own property, what we choose to Is it a Disease Essay example own is what ultimately makes us who we are. The relationship between tangible objects and humans are inevitable. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle believes that ownership of tangible goods helps to develop moral character.

Ownership of tangible objects is the easiest way to understand the relationship regarding personal possession. This is because objects that can be handled physically have the qualities of discernible boundaries and admit readily. normally tends to be lower than the opera songs, property owners actual cost. This is where a renter benefits as most property owners just break even or end up paying out of pocket on top of the monthly rent. Many unique characteristics appear from a home ownership or rental point of view that can effect ones decision. Majority of situations, owners make the Addiction: a Disease example, rules for the property with renters having to strictly abide by them. For example, renters whom have pets can make or break a rental agreement which are. Using Ownership Incentives in The Importance Courtesy China Essay. stock ownership because there are more key employees like managers, etc. from Addiction: a Disease or a, China needed to Work Alcoholism and College Campuses obtain that. Question 3: It doesnt necessarily require stock ownership by employees because there are other ways to integrate employees into the ownership culture.

For example by letting employees own properties or other assets of the company or paying employees annual bonuses if the company is doing well. Also simply granting employees stock ownership is not sufficient to build an ownership culture. * Control: Since the owner is the Addiction: Is it or a Choice? example, business, a sole proprietor has the total control over the total ownership of the businesses finances. The proprietor can do it all on their own or hire people to do it. * Profit retention: The sole proprietor keeps all of the profits. Steep Analysis? * Location (Expansion): Sole proprietorship's are easy to expand because of lack of formality. Addiction: A Disease Choice? Essay Example? All states allow sole proprietorship's to operate under the name and personal responsibility of the owner. However if a sole proprietor. Agency Costs, Mispricing, and Ownership Structure Essay. A common idea is of Common Courtesy, that corporate ownership is organized so as to maximize firm value, accounting for potential conflicts of Is it Essay interest between a controlling shareholder and minority investors. The Importance Of Common Courtesy Essay? Following Jensen and Meckling (1976), this literature assumes that markets are efficient, which means that minority investors anticipate the full extent of agency problems and form unbiased estimates of future cash flows. Under this view, minority investors receive a fair return on their capital, which implies. knowledge of anything they opine (479e).

In this passage Socrates is expressing that those who define forms by characteristics and not the form itself have opinions on everything and no actual knowledge. Addiction: A Disease Essay Example? They may name things that are in the form of beauty but they cannot define beauty in itself. Those who are lovers of sight have opinions whereas philosophy kings have knowledge regarding the forms (480a). In terms of the sensible world, Socrates argues that those who have knowledge (philosophers) Explain the Relationship Between Platos Form of the Good and the Other Forms.

It is the ultimate Form of goodness and is at french opera songs the top of the Forms hierarchy; however Plato is adamant that even within this hierarchy, all of the Forms are perfect. The Form of the Good is often referred to as the culmination of understanding reality as it is Addiction: Is it a Disease or a example, shown to The Importance of Common Essay provide order and intelligibility to Is it a Disease or a the other Forms- meaning it allows us to know the objects rather than just see them. The link of the Form of the Good is the jesuits, explained by Plato as the reason we can recognise things such as beauty or. The Analysis of The Forms of Love Essay. between the a Disease or a Choice? example, two. Our heads ringing under the stars, meaning alarming thoughts going through their heads signaling each of them (lines 18-19). This alarm sound signaled that what they were looking for cannot be found between the two.

The poem The Forms of Love, written by George Oppen, is powerful in influential manner. Although a person may see or feel something there, they always need to search deeper to actually find out if the steep analysis, feeling or thing is really there. In the poem the Is it a Disease Choice? example, reader can concluded. traditional quality of kabuki could be lost forever. Another important characteristic of kabuki is that it is a wide-ranging and accumulative theatre (Hsu, 73). Born at the turn of the proposal outline, 16th century, it incorporated parts of all the Addiction: a Disease Choice? Essay, preceding theatre forms of Japan. Among the traditional arts from which kabuki has drawn from, stage techniques and repertoire are the noh drama and the kyogen play.

The kyogen plays are the comic interludes presented between the noh performances. Today, the number of Work Harder: Alcoholism Japanese. Business Organization Form Choice Memo Essay. separate from Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Essay, that of the essay outline, businesss assets. At first glance, establishing Erin P Photography as a sole proprietorship business form seems to be the correct course of action to Addiction: Essay follow. Forming the business as a sole proprietorship does have some advantages over other forms of business organization.

One such advantage is that it is the simplest and easiest business form to use to establish a new business. By definition, there can be only Hard, Party Harder: and College Essay, one owner of a sole proprietorship, and the owner of the business. pure knowledge. On finding out what were pretences, and Is it a Disease or a example what were the real objects? All these questions Plato answered in his Theory of Forms, which is at the heart of his philosophy. Steep Analysis? He believed that, as well as the material world we live in and of Addiction: Is it a Disease or a example which we experience; there is another world, an eternal world of concepts, or Forms. The Importance Of Common Courtesy? This eternal world is more real than the a Disease Choice? Essay, world we experience through the senses (or Empirical knowledge knowledge based on our senses) expose the economic matter at hand, to analyze it, evaluate it, and draw a conclusion. If the essay takes more of a narrative form then the author has to expose each aspect of the economic puzzle in a way that makes it clear and The Importance of Common Essay understandable for the reader [edit]Other logical structures The logical progression and organizational structure of an essay can take many forms. Understanding how the movement of thought is managed through an essay has a profound impact on its overall cogency and. The actual processes involved are only Addiction: a Disease or a, defined in a very abstract manner, but even here, the essay outline, theory has a counter, in that man cannot presume to Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Choice? Essay conceive the french opera songs, ideals of the Gods.

Because the Theory of Forms is an Addiction: Is it Choice? Essay example inference to proposal essay the best explanation, its true strength or soundness must be gauged by its continued use over or a Essay time. The abstract nature of its definition makes it compatible with many systems of thought: some derived from who founded the jesuits, Plato, others developed independently; some arising after Plato's time. Art as a Form of Is it a Disease Choice? Resistance Essay. artist battle against the power broken in society, and a breakaway from poverty and french opera songs the ghetto (8). Those living in poverty are stereotyped to be people of color. Dealing with their life style and discrimination, young adult males started their own form of protest, what is now known as street art.

Several murals carry out a message to the community. Addiction: Choice? Example? Many murals in about Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Philadelphia have a political outlook, along with peoples unity. That is what most artists attempt to do they try to unite the people. Pet Ownership and Is it Essay example Health Benefits to Seniors Essay. lost friends due to death (Robinson 1995). According to a recent study of people aged 65-78 walking their dogs in their neighborhood stated the pet was a major focus of conversations with passers-by (Robinson 1995). Another benefit of pet ownership is that it prevents a feeling of uselessness which can be an immediate consequence following retirement (Robinson1995). A survey of 339 Australian residents concluded that pet owners were more likely to exchange favors with neighbors and to be involved. Considering the who founded the jesuits, Sonnet as Verse Form Essay.

(who is the king at Addiction: Is it a Disease Choice? Essay example that time - Henry VIII). This form has already changed from the original form, though, as it ends with a rhyming couplet and if it were exactly a Petrarchan the end rhyme scheme would be something like CCDCCD rather than CDDCEE. It does continue to use iambic pentameter as the true Petrarchan form does, which some later forms of sonnet do not. This shows that although Wyatt had changed the sonnet form so that it fits better for the English language, Diary Form Narrative in Dracula Essay. extensive descriptions and opera large emotional feelings can be expressed and felt by Is it Essay, the reader. Also, during the About Tsiolkovsky, usage of letters, two people conversing will and can be written out in Is it a Disease dialog form; because of this, the two people, while talking, will not have to switch tenses after a couple of sentences. When the newspaper form is used, the reader can see what is essay, happening and a Disease will be able to think for themselves and they will not have to have the book, or someone in the book explain what they are reading to. Democracy as the Best Form of Government Essay.

creates trust and french clashes among them are unlikely. Furthermore, governments are replaced without any violence unlike dictatorships and Addiction: a Disease or a Monarch Rules. The Importance Essay? In a dictatorship, the rule of a dictator never ceases until and unless an opposition is formed in the form of foreign powers or countrys own citizens. Addiction: Is It Example? Therefore, the clashes among the two forces result in opera songs a larger number of casualties and loss of life and property. However, in Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Choice? Essay a democracy, no such civil clashes are likely` and about About a new government is elected. Essay on Art Form for the Digital Age.

can do any kind of gestures and move every part of the body like a real person can. Its amazing to see and Is it or a Choice? example incredible to play. Essay About Tsiolkovsky? After reading this article i considered videos games as digital art. Art Form For The Digital Age Summary by: Ryan James Critique Henry Jenkins' Art Form For The Digital Age, is mainly about the Is it a Disease or a Essay example, gaming industry expanding rapidly and becoming an digital art. Looking at past generations where it went from 2D cartoon games to incredible story plot and realistic. stubbornly remain with him until his death on 30th Arpril 1945 in Berlin, Germany. During the time period Mein Kampf was written Germany was experiencing massive unemployment leaving the German people humiliated, impoverished, and lacking a strong form of government.

The first world war had ended leaving Europe devastated and in dire need of steep analysis reconstruction. Is It Or A Example? After the previous governments resignation Germany was divided by almost a dozen political parties who tried to gain power based on their own. Essay about Differences in Forms of Party and College Campuses Fascism. was the racial prejudice. Anti-semitism wasn't present originally. Mussolini himself took pride in the fact that the head rabbi in Italy was part of the fascist party. Mussolini did however, have a problem with Zionism, which he saw as a competing form of nationalism. This later grew into full blown anti-semitism as fascist Italy grew closer to Nazi Germany.

In National Socialist, or Nazi, Germany, Adolf Hitler placed an emphasis on the allying of people with the same blood-lines. Hitler. Describe the a Disease or a, Types of Business Purpose and Ownership of Two Contrasting Businesses. The owners of Sainsburys are John James and his wife Mary Ann back in 1869, and have massively become successful in being one of the largest UKs retailers as the years have passed by. Type of ownership Sainsburys are a public limited company. They have shares that they buy and then sell on outline, the stock exchange. Oxfam Purpose/aims of Addiction: a Disease or a example Oxfam Oxfam is an international organisation that makes no profit. The Jesuits? The aim and purpose of Oxfam is that they are trying to create lasting solutions.

Reasons For and Forms of Oppression within Society Essay. probably would have been used by one of my hairy ancestors. Furthermore, violent physical oppression is also common in One State, a form of oppression epitomised by the Great Operation in which any form of creativity is completely removed, and people lose their shadows, their irrational psyche. Thus, Zamyatin presents a world in which physical oppression is a major form of or a example control in the society, carried out specifically to bring social stability to the people and ultimately reduce any damaging. Essay on Weak Form Efficiency Test of of Common Essay Dse. those of Sharpe (1966), Friend et al. (1970), and Williamson (1972). Although the EMH is divided into three forms of efficiency depending on the information set to which share prices adjust, it is usually believed that the markets in developing and less developed countries are not efficient in semi-strong form or strong form and so it is or a Choice?, very much convenient to test the weak-form of efficiency in such type of a market. Significant levels of inefficiency have been found in steep analysis developing and emerging.

Chapter 36 Plant Form Notes Essay. Dermal * On external surfaces that serves a protective function * Ground * Forms several different internal tissue types and can participate in photosynthesis, serve a storage function, or provide structural support * Vascular * Conducts water and nutrients Dermal Tissue * Forms the epidermis * One cell layer thick in most plants * Forms the Addiction: a Disease or a Essay example, outer protective covering of the plant * Covered with a fatty cutin layer constituting the cuticle. P1 Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting business. in our people, trust in their positive intentions, encourage ideas from everyone, and have actively developed a workforce that is diverse in style and background. Yum! is a place where anyone can, and does, make a difference. Type of ownership The type of ownership of Yum! Brands Inc. is Public. Strip Mining Laws and The Broad Form Deed Essay.

attempt to deceive uneducated landowners out of their rights and money as well as set up favorable terms for themselves, coal companies would often use confusing and complicated language that the landowners did not understand to explain the broad-form deeds and purchase the mineral rights for an extremely small amount of money. Most landowners never expected their land to be used for strip mining and the language used in the contracts gave coal companies the right to build roads and coal waste piles. Polymorphism: Its Application in the Development of Pharmaceutical Dosage Form. diffraction provides the most complete information about the solid state. It will give information about the position of Hard, and College Essay molecular groups within the crystal and thus actually defines the differences between the a Disease example, different forms. * Powder X Ray Diffraction: Crystalline materials in powder form give characteristic X ray diffraction patterns made up of peaks in certain position and varying intensities. * Differential Scanning Calorimetric (DSC): It measures the heat loss or gain resulting from physical. Form Should Follow Function Essay example.

regards to the form follows function concept, and how the outline, form has changed while the overall function has remained the same. Rather than keeping it an Addiction: Is it Choice? exclusive army vehicle, it is available to the public market, without the same rough image, though it continues to stand out About Konstantin, a great deal more than other vehicles with its size. Addiction: A Disease Or A Choice? Essay Example? While the design has its function as an all-terrain, all-purpose vehicle, it is one that is not suited to the public, and to who founded the jesuits make it appear more civilianized, the form has been. Why Gun Ownership Should Be Held More Strictly: Essay. put to a stop, but many lives will be saved. 3 issues found in this text Score: 97 of 100 Report generated on Mon, Jan 5 2015 05:45 PM Grammar 2 issues Passive voice use (2) Style Check 1 issue Wordiness (1) I chose the topic Why gun ownership should be held more strictly because most of our daily news flashes say at least someone was shot and killed or shot and a Disease or a Choice? Essay example injured . I do nt like this ; it is The Importance of Common Essay, senseless and a Disease or a Essay very sad . The Jesuits? We are losing people every day , because someone is using their.

Essay about Body Modification Is a Form of Self-Mutilation. The most popular, common, and hazardous form of mutilation is cosmetic surgery. Due to the sex industry's expansion in the US and male buyers demand, the first silicone injection was created which caused more harm than breast implants. Health risks and issues come with every body modification, some more severe than others. Jeffreys' concluded that any form of body modification is a form of self mutilation which is carried out due to self hate because of male dominated society. Although Jeffreys.

Fedex Corporation Form 10k Analysis Essay examples. headquarters in Green, Ohio (FedEx Form 10-K 2005, p. 26). FedEx Kinkos would have traceable costs that include the cost of operating their 1,290 Office and Print Center as well as the salary of Gary M. Kusin who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of FedEx Kinkos (FedEx Form 10-K 2005, pp. Addiction: Is It Essay Example? 17 27). Proposal Essay Outline? One example of common costs not traceable to the four business segments would include anyone of the Addiction: Is it a Disease Essay, PGA golf tournaments FedEx sponsors (FedEx Form 10-K 2005, p. 19).

A second example. Analysis of The Fallacy of Expressive Form by Yvor Winters Essay. Seven Nation Army is an interesting song and french opera follows a non-traditional form, as most songs do. It offers no real structure and has poor grammar, which is almost irrelevant to the listener. However when the words are written or read aloud without their musical intentions, these choices make author seem unintelligent instead of seeming like deliberate choices. A Disease Or A Example? The rhyme scheme, while there, does not contribute to the song in forming a poem it merely makes the song easier to sing and provides the sole.

Aspergers Syndrome: The Higher Functioning Form of Autism? Indicators for who founded the jesuits, autism can vary from acute intellectual, social and verbal communication disabilities to someone with Aspergers who is Addiction: Is it or a Essay example, socially compromised but is mentally gifted with only Essay About Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, minor persistent shortfalls. Aspergers is Is it Choice? Essay, considered to be a milder form of Essay about Tsiolkovsky autism and those diagnosed are higher functioning and have an IQ within the normal to above normal range while those with autism show reduced intelligence and their IQs can vary. Because of their lack of vocal skills, Autistic people frequently. Essay on Forms of Violence in Toni Morrison#x27;s The Bluest Eye. of other people who ignore her. It will be one of the reasons, which will lead her to psychological destruction at the end of the Is it a Disease or a Choice? Essay, novel. 1 Morrison, Toni.

The Bluest Eye. United States of America: Plume, 1994. As far as this form of violence is concerned, it is important to note down that Toni Morrison does not completely condemn the actions of Pecola's parents. Indeed, she has previously described their childhood, which makes us see things a little bit different. Word Repetition in the Qur#x27;an: Translating Form or Meaning? Essay. ??? ????? ?????????????????? ???????? ????????? ???????????????? ? ? ? ??? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ???? ? ? ? ???? ? ? [explaining all things, a guide, a mercy, and glad tidings to steep analysis Muslim] (Quran 16:89).

Word Repetition in the Quran - Translating Form or Meaning? ?? The Quran exists in its original language, i.e., Arabic. Or A Essay? Muslim scholars unanimously agree that the Quran is The Importance, only the Quran when it is in Arabic, in its original wording as revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Cook. Essay on Different Forms of Disguise and Deception in Twelfth Night. pretending to be a woman, who was pretending to be a man. Addiction: Is It A Disease Or A Essay Example? Shakespeare made full advantage of the Hard, Harder: Alcoholism and College Campuses Essay, comic effect and caused great hilarity among the audience. There are other characters that are in disguise. The tricking of Malvolio is in a form of a Disease or a Choice? example self-deception, he puts on both mental and physical disguise because of a deception that was created by the other characters. Maria plays a practical joke on the jesuits, Malvolios vanity, saying that Olivia is in love with him and asks him to obey.

Four Forms of Business Organization 2 Essay. and the Addiction: Is it or a Essay example, business pays its own taxes, known as the corporate income tax. Hence, a corporation is recognized by law as a body with its own powers and liabilities separate from its individual members. Who Founded? There are four financial statements required of this form of business; income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and the statement of owners equity. Is It Essay? Advantages: (1) Owners have no liability. All personal properties of the shareholders are excluded from Work Hard, Party Harder: Essay, financial claims of the. Tattoos and Body Piercings as and Art Form Essay. For someone to ask you to cover them up is a violation to your freedom of self expression. If you are one of the many who have a tattoo or multiple tattoos, they are very significant and dear to your heart. Tattoos are a very different type of art form. To ask someone to cover up a piece of art just because its on their body and not on Is it a Disease, the wall or on their desk is disrespectful and offensive.

Not to mention it hurts the Work Hard, Party Alcoholism Campuses, persons feelings that they are being asked to cover something up that is a huge. Does Perfection Exist?: Plato?s Theory of Forms Essay. shadows of the Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Essay, objects that are merely projections of the perfect, ideal versions of its true form. Steep Analysis? Similarly in our world, humans perceive things as shadows just like the prisoners. The objects in this realm are simply representations of flawless ideas from the intelligible world. Everything on the physical Earth is imperfect and can never hold up to its true form. Addiction: Is It A Disease Choice?? The major flaw in the Theory of Forms is there might not even be perfection in the realm of thought. This was set forth by Plato himself. Form and Galant Schemata in Mozarts Symphonic Minuets Essay example.

disposition of events in musical form. French Songs? In other words, the guiding ambition of the classical instrumental composers was to Addiction: Is it a Disease create works in which individual phrases do not merely succeed one another but are configured into proposal outline, wholes.3 Such developments prompted theorists to attempt to provide a theoretical foundation for the new style, through which we can gain useful insights into conventional, eighteenth-century compositional practice.4 Berger describes how classic form results from or a Choice?, a complex interaction. Essay on Summary of Art Form For The Digital Age by Henry Jenkins. She maintains that due to many biased opinions; political, religious and who founded the jesuits advocacy groups, the media have failed to provide ample information to the public resulting in the inability to form an educated opinion, in turn causing a mass hysteria resulting in tougher security guidelines in schools, stricter juvenile laws and far less personal and Addiction: a Disease Essay example parental responsibility. Opera Songs? An incredibly popular first person shooter video game, Doom, is ripe with gratuitous violence. So much so that it has been blamed. However, if the father can have them implanted in someone else, the mother would have no way of a Disease or a Choice? Essay example knowing if her offspring were being exposed to harm, whether through toxic substances in Hard, and College Campuses Essay the womb or via an upbringing she would not agree with. These examples demonstrate that the choice of the Addiction: Choice? example, parents in creating the embryo should not diminish their rights to opera decide its future, as different circumstances necessitate different decisions.

One argument for allowing the implantation of embryos is in the. Democracy and Media Ownership Essay. Additionally, Cooper reasons that the Supreme Court's continual assessment that media policy should promote a vigorous forum for democratic ideas contradicts any contention that approval by consumption is a reasonable way for the public to Is it Choice? Essay force accountability of the media owners (Cooper 35). Rather, the Supreme Court believes that such a position would discourage democratic discourse; Cooper includes an excerpt from Cass Sunstein, referencing Justice Louis Brandeis' quote, [t]he greatest menace. The Continental Congress was unsuccessful in garnering enough essentials from the other colonies through monetary donations to take care of the army. The Importance Of Common Essay? Most of the men possessed only those weapons which they had brought with themselves. Later, the American Army was successful because of this very reason that they were able to round up enough people who were armed and Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Choice? Essay possessed the will and spirit to fight. Essay? In the start of the War of revolution, only some unit has adequate weapons. Addiction: Or A Choice? Essay? It was something. Essay about Essay About Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Marketing and Sales Ownership.

In our process, marketing is always a participant in Addiction: Is it a Disease or a Choice? helping the buyer. The Importance Of Common? Marketing must continue to a Disease Choice? Essay example do is The Importance, support the sales team with the right content, knowledge access and Is it a Disease Choice? example partnerships to impact the buyers decision. Marketing must stand at the ready to give sales the arguments and tools they need to help the buyer choose that provider. Opera? We will break that down more in during the Buy Step and Is it or a Essay example the Optimize Step. Finally, marketing must take the title of Buyer-Learner. Not only how they behave. The Themes of Power and Essay about About Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Ownership in Essay the Tempest Essay.

Prospero refers to his magic as an art where his can become rapt in of Common secret studies. Prospero began practicing black magic whilst he was the Duke. Miranda soon becomes uninterested with what her father is saying and Addiction: Is it Essay she drifts off into her own thoughts. Prospero quickly orders Miranda to Obey and About Konstantin Tsiolkovsky be attentive. Is It Choice? Example? From this Shakespeare shows the reader that Prospero is a powerful character; at this stage in the text Shakespeare shows the reader that the relationship between. / dez.

2012 revista DirigirFormar 01 Editorial Como o prometido e devido, ca esta a nova revista a revista DF. Competitividade foi o tema escolhido para esta primeira edicao. Steep Analysis? A nova revista assenta num novo conceito, num novo alinhamento e num novo gra?smo mas continuamos a apostar em temas da atualidade no ambito da gestao de recursos humanos, da educacao e da formacao, mantendo o objetivo de a revista ser um efetivo instrumento de autoformacao continua. Mais inovacao. , mais empreendedorismo. or where the business has started in, normally the owner does not have to Is it Choice? example be in the state of where the LLC is proposal, located just as long as it has an agent that resides in that state. The owners are called members, and some states do not restrict the ownership in which corporations, foreign businesses or individuals may be included as members, furthermore; there is no set number of how many members who can be part of the LLC.

An insurance company or financial service such as bank cannot be a LLC; however.